The Magic Flute - May 2010

Mozart’s famous comic opera is packed with plot, mysticism and its use of Masonic ritual was a chance to exploit their rites on the stage at a time when Masonry had been interdicted by Maria Theresa.

It tells of love, both pure and basic, with the trials and ordeals that had to be undergone before complete happiness could be achieved. Surrounding this is the battle between good and evil personified by The Queen Of The Night, powerfully sung by Lynn Deacon, and Sarastro, leader of the Brotherhood.

As the lovers, Yvonne Fair was in glorious voice as Pamina whilst Tony Adams, after a shaky and strained start in his first aria, improved in the role of Tamino.

Matt Clark not only had a strong voice of immense clarity but he also possessed the necessary comic ability that the part of Papageno requires. His duet with Marion Tinkler well deserved the applause it received. Praise is also due to the rest of the cast and the splendid chorus and the orchestra.

A major disappointment was the lack of fantasy in the costuming, particularly with the birdman – he appeared to have moulted and been left with only a couple of feathers.