Orpheus in the Underworld November 2012

Southwick Opera’s hilarous send-up of Greek mythology combined the classic legend with some clever modern refrences, drawing in Marilyn Monroe, How Clean is Your House. the Euro crisis and even Fifty Shades of Grey.

Stalwart Yvonne Fair got off to a slightly shaky start with the opening solo as Eurydice, but was soon back in full voice.

She delivered a highly entertaining duet in Act Two with Brian Jones as Jupiter, disguised as a fly, in which his part consisted entirely of buzzing.

The highlight of the evening was the jolly celebrations at the end of Act One as all the Gods headed off “on holiday”, to join Jupiter as he travelled to Hades to track down Eurydice and sort everything out.

It was signalled greater things to come, too, as Act Two was much more assured than Act One, thanks partly to a confident opening from Clive Connor as John Styx, Eurydice’s drunken jailer.

To follow, the whole company put in a high-energy performance for the Infernal Galop, better known as the music for the can-can, and the ladies kept up the high kicks to rapturous applause.

Other strong performances came from Laura Brookes as Diana, Kevin Starns as Orpheus, Jonathan Nulty as both Pluto and Aristaeus, Andrea Jones as Juno and Mike Lurcook as Mercury.